The Economic Benefits to City of Hermosa Beach

  • The City of Hermosa Beach could gain nearly $1.5 million annually from hotel occupancy and sales tax to fund needed Hermosa Beach improvements
  • An estimated 100 to 125 direct or indirect new temporary and permanent jobs could be created by Strand & Pier’s development
  • Strand & Pier will be an economic generator for the local community with as many as 225-hotel guests daily. Guests will be encouraged to explore all of what Hermosa has to offer, including our neighboring local restaurants and retailers
  • Our concierge program will seek to create partnerships with local businesses that provide recreational activities in our community
  • Attractive, thoughtful redevelopment raises adjacent residential and commercial property values, spreading wealth throughout the community

Social Benefits for Guests and Local Residents

  • Strand & Pier will be developed with the latest advances in green building technologies, assuring that sustainable
    techniques and practices are employed throughout
  • During construction, a full range of environmentally sensitive strategies will be utilized to minimize the impact on the local community
  • Strand & Pier will be a leader in providing alternate forms of transportation for guests and staff – bikes, ride sharing, shuttles and promotion of electric vehicles, to reduce traffic congestion and to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Strand & Pier will be an active participant in the local community, with it’s ability to host civic groups and create co-branding events with variety local non-profits
  • Public access to food and beverage facilities, in addition to other onsite amenities, fulfills a stated goal of the California Coastal Commission to insure that the public has the opportunity to enjoy the California Coastline. Making Strand & Pier available to not only guests, but the entire Hermosa Beach community

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